Trains, Planes, and Automobiles–and Turkey.

November 26th, 2009 - Posted by Admin

Each holiday season sees tens of millions of Americans traveling to family, friends, and vacation spots. One thing that is a constant in the holiday season is that traffic is going to be horrible. However, the decrepit state of the economy is making traveling much harder for Americans, who are seeking ways to tighten the belt on their budgets. The crippling economy has made it much harder for them to fill their gas tanks or purchase flights than in the past.

Around 38 million Americans are expected to take trips this year, up from last year, but down 20 million from 2005–when the economy was at its height. However, it looks as if more people will be driving and taking trains or buses than in the past, due to budgetary constraints.

Train ridership was predicted to get a holiday boost, with Amtrak expecting Wednesday to be its busiest travel day of the year. Amtrak said its Thanksgiving eve ridership could reach 125,000 passengers, up from approximately 74,000 on a typical Wednesday.

Of course, Thanksgiving isn’t lost. We’ll still eat Turkey, we’ll still watch the Detroit Lions play football, and we’ll still gather with family–but one thing is certain, Americans will be traveling less.